Social Media Is The New Gorilla Marketing

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Time was, if you were looking to do some gorilla marketing you plastered every telephone pole in downtown with fliers. If you wanted to get the word out about a new restaurant or a new business of any kind, you might hire a small plane to pull a banner over the neighborhood where the business was located. You might make random phone calls, hang posters or hire a man in a chicken suit to dance on the sidewalk. You did anything and everything to get attention for your business, and most of it didn’t make a single bit of difference.

Social Media Is The New Gorilla
When it comes to marketing there is a new 600-pound gorilla in the room and his name is “Social Media.” Social media has the power to transform your marketing plan from no-frills to fantastic, overnight. It can bring in customers by getting the word out in ways you could only dream of doing before. Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare or Google+, you can reach more people than any banner, poster or flier every could.
And best of all, you can do it for free.

The use of social media has been increasing at exponential rates over the past several years. This innovation in the nature of communication is proving to be a turning point in how people seek and process information in their lives. Through social media, the news comes to people, instead of people having to go find the news.

And the same might be said of products, with social media products and services finding the consumers who need them, instead of consumers having to search for what they need.

This book is the latest of a long line of guerrilla marketing books aimed at helping small businesses succeed by using less expensive, innovative means by which to market their products. The notion is that many small businesses cannot afford to use traditional mass media advertising outlets such as television.

In this application, social media is perfect since it is a set of tools and websites that are, for the most part, free. Social media includes blogs, photo-sharing sites, video-sharing sites, social networks, audio podcasts and Internet radio shows, as well as many social sharing and communication tools.

On this subject, this book provides one-stop-shopping for businesses wanting to both understand the mechanics of social media, as well as how to put social media to work for them in marketing and selling their products and services.

The authors begin with a couple of chapters on how to change ways of thinking about marketing, branding and selling. Traditional ways of thinking need to be forsaken. For example, social media is more like a conversation in which a sale takes place, rather than a channel through which you advertise. Thus, one must adopt a bi-directional philosophy of marketing designed to engage in a conversation with the marketplace.

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