Social Media Is Not Going Away So Get Used To It

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social media tool kitSocial media is definitely here to stay, so you should learn to use it to your advantage instead of fighting it pointlessly. Social media is the new currency. It has value, is guarded and can be traded. The key is understanding the value of social media marketing to your brand and putting it to work for you. There are simple steps you can take to protect your social media profile and ways to leverage it to get the very best results for your company or yourself. The best way to get started is to look for the tools that can help you accomplish the tasks you feel you need to accomplish. A social media toolkit might be the perfect weapon in your arsenal, or maybe all you need is a social media manager. First, decide, then choose your weapon…

Targeting SMBs and non-profit organizations, San Francisco business strategist AlphaGraphics is launching AGFB Social Media Toolkit. The AGFB product provides custom tabs for a business’ Facebook page that enables businesses to build their fan base, register their clients, and even send out offers and coupons instantaneously. With prices starting as low as $500, AGFB pays for itself quickly, usually in the first month, through increased business.

“Even if you have tried to avoid it as a business, social media is not going away,” says Manuel Torres, owner of San Francisco printing company AlphaGraphics. Throughout his career Torres has pioneered innovative business strategies at companies with budgets from $300 a month to $5 million a month. He says Internet marketing channels allow SMBs to compete with bigger competitors and even multinational corporations. New media techniques like social networking are inexpensive and effective, unlike the costly television or print campaigns of the past.

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