Social Media Is Not A Waste Of Time

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I am regularly called crazy by family and friends for spending so much time at my computer, using social media. However, my family and friends are not trying to promote business and market brands. They use social media to keep up with their friends and share funny videos. There is room in the world of social media to do both of these things, fortunately, which makes using social media a requirement for just about everyone. If you are not using social media, it might be time to ask yourself, why.

What’s The Big Deal?
If you wonder why you would need social media to market your business, try asking yourself, why not? Why wouldn’t you want to use free tools that expose your brand to thousands (more like millions) of new potential clients? Why wouldn’t you want to give your brand every advantage when it comes to success? Why wouldn’t you want to succeed instead of fail?

Instead of wondering why you would use social media, perhaps it is time to start asking yourself why you wouldn’t.

You might imagine that this would then be the perfect opportunity to spend some time establishing some form of social media marketing for the company. However Zwilling tells of a recent survey that says that only 47% of businesses are actually using social media for marketing even though 78% of executives feel that it’s crucial to the success of their company. This is pretty disappointing as it’s now well-documented how businesses can benefit from this type of marketing. Dell for example announced a $3 million revenue some years ago from using Twitter while other companies have seen web traffic increase by 800%.
Zwilling notes that one of the reasons why more companies seem reluctant to get involved in social media marketing might be that they simply don’t know how to begin and then gives some extremely useful specifics for how to start. There are six pointers in total, the first being to create a business profile using your company logo on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and not to use it for personal messages. Then you need to develop a marketing strategy that uses two-way communication specific to the platform you are using. Another useful pointer is to become more adept at social networking with peers, making more contacts, sharing in a community and getting tips from others.

Another specific is to experiment with the tools of social media. If you’re already familiar with Facebook and Twitter for example, then you might want to take a look next at sharing videos on YouTube or using WordPress for blogging. The next idea is to learn as much as you can from those in the know and proactively seek that help, maybe by signing up for Webinars. Finally businesses need to take a baseline measurement of their current marketing including expense and lead arrival rate so that they can measure their progress and assess whether new methods are working and keep up with that ongoing assessment.

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