Social Media Is In Fashion

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You might not make the connection between the New York fashion scene and social media marketing, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. In fact, a number of fashion designers are using social media marketing techniques to promote their designs, their labels and their brands.


When asked why he robbed banks Willie Sutton allegedly quipped, “because that’s where the money is.” Although he later claimed he never said any such thing the fact remains, that makes perfect sense.
The same conventional wisdom applies when it comes to using social media marketing: because that’s where the people are.

In fact, recent reports suggest that nearly three quarters of the people who use social media regularly shop online. This means, if you are selling products online you REALLY need to be catering to the social media crowd.

Which brings us back to New York’s Fashion Week. The whole point of that event is (ultimately) to sell clothes. In that case, social media marketing makes perfect sense.

U.S. designer Norma Kamali also created a stir by unveiling her spring collection via an 8-minute 3D film. With special cat-shaped 3D glasses, fashion fans can view the mini movie, featuring models playing instruments and other 3D surprises. When the film premieres online Thursday, the final product pages will allow shoppers to view the designer’s clothing and play a game to win prizes. To receive the special glasses, just head to Norma Kamali’s Facebook page and join the thousands of fans who have already signed up.

Social media and 3D technology doesn’t stop at Fashion Week, however. Simply browse any app store to see hundreds of downloads dedicated to fashion newbies and veterans alike. From Fashism, which is a download to take a photo of your outfit and get instant feedback from friends, to Netrobe, which gives you all the tools you need to properly photograph and archive every piece of clothing in your closet, you won’t be disappointed with the endless creativity of this industry.

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