Social Media Is Great In A (Company) Crisis

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lori r taylor, revmediamarketing, social media, social media marketing, branding, product branding, networking, oneclicksocietyWe have all seen the power of social media in the midst of a public crisis, but let’s not forget how powerful it can be for a corporate crisis.

Your company might be facing a public backlash because of a poorly executed management decision, or maybe your personal brand has been damaged and is under attack. Whatever the problem, social media gives you the tools you need to handle the situation immediately; reach the most people and be decisive about the fix.

Social media is only the tool, not the instruction manual, however, so you need to know what is the best possible position to take. Understanding what message you are trying to convey is the priority. Social media can only help you get that message out, it cannot write the message for you.

It is also important you look at the full spectrum of social media tools and not focus solely on just one or two methods. There are a host of social media tools available to your company and having your company fingers in all of them will give you the best possible reach when (or if) a crisis ever comes.

As more and more case studies and ‘how not to do’s’ emerge, more companies are beginning to realise the importance of social media in a crisis.

I recently spoke at a seminar on crisis communications, and every single presenter, whether from a traditional background, B2C brand, state body, ended by stating the importance of using social media when your company faces a crisis. It’s certainly encouraging that so many practitioners are advocating the use of social media beforehand, instead of waiting to figure it out when the crisis hits, but there still seems to be confusion over how you can effectively use social media tools and platforms to effectively communicate, or control a crisis. Based on first hand experience and an awareness of other case studies in this space, I wanted to provide some best practice guidelines for using social media in a crisis.
Own your front Page

What I mean here, is owning your own front Page in Google, as this is steadily going to become your single biggest asset during a crisis. While a large portion of people will go straight to a company’s Facebook Page or Twitter account to find out more information during a crisis, or level their criticism, Google will still be the main destination for people looking for more information in a crisis. You want to help ensure that when people search for your brand name, it’s your results they’re finding on the homepage, which can take them directly through to the correct source of information. This can be done in 2 ways. Firstly, you need to ensure you have built up a good social media-SEO practice beforehand, so that when you type in your brand term into Google, you’re likely to see results for your company blog, Facebook Page, Youtube videos etc.. as well as your own site. This of course is something that has to be implemented before the crisis itself, and represents a good example of pre-empting a crisis.

The second way that you can do this, is by reaching out to your network and ensuring the right information is spread. So if you have a press release, make sure you’re sending it out to online newswires, bloggers etc.. and that you have community representatives that are putting information in the right place. In the midst of a crisis, you want to make sure people get to the right information quickly, and Google is the place to do that.

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