Social Media Is Great For Start-Ups

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New Companies Benefit Even More From SMM

When it comes to effectively using social media marketing much has been said about bringing your existing company into the 21st century. But social media marketing can also help turn the launch of your new company into something stellar.

Why? Because social media now reaches more than a billion people world wide. There simply is no better way of getting your brand, product or service in front of more people than through the use of social media. It knows no boundaries, borders or time zone; it is always on, always working and in front of more eyeballs than cable television.

Social media marketing is all about brand promotion. The idea, if you have an existing company, is to remind people that you exist and that you are still relevant when it comes to the needs you can satisfy with your product or service. For new businesses social media is all about announcing your presence; letting people know, “Hey! We’re here and guess what we can do for you!”

That’s the kind of message that social media can put out there for you. And that’s the message you need to get out there as fast as possible to as many people as possible. The more you can spread the word about your start-up company, the more likely you are to find success. It isn’t enough to put a few ads in your local newspaper or even buy a 30-second television commercial. Not when social media dominates the audience market the way it does.

Reminder: You can reach more than a billion people with Facebook and Twitter alone. Who else can bring your new company that kind of exposure?

When it comes to promoting your new business there is no reason to ignore the benefits of effective social media marketing.

Blogs are more plentiful than newspapers. Facebook and Twitter have taken over the mainstream media. And the revolution is here, as daily deals sites like Groupon and Living Social and new networks like Google+ gain traction.

By 2013, 164.2 million Americans — or 67 percent of the nation’s Internet users — will use social networks, according to eMarketer in March.

And you better believe that number won’t fall any time soon.

“Clearly, there’s a rush on the part of many companies to adopt social media,” said Arthur Yann, vice president of public relations for the Public Relations Society of America . “Where PR has historically been about really pushing info out to consumers, social media gives an opportunity to engage with your consumers, listen to them, see what they would like. The big buzz word is engagement.”

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