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In case you haven’t realized the difference between social media marketing and traditional marketing let’s be clear: With traditional marketing, like a newspaper advertisement, you were just throwing your message out to the winds in hopes that someone would see it and be interested. With social media marketing it’s all about building relationships.

Relationships Mean Sales
With relationship marketing you have to make a more serious time commitment. You can’t just post a message and expect people to flock to your brand. You have to build trust; you have to develop an actual relationship that makes the recipient of your message care about what you have to say to them. Every thing with social media marketing is on an opt-in basis. People join your network because they want your message. When they get your message (which they requested) they are much more likely to care what it has to say.

Every great sales person understands the importance of building relationships with customers and potential customers. Social media marketing is no different than the vacuum cleaner salesman who comes to your house once a month to see how your vacuum is working; whether you need any service on your machine or need a whole new machine.

If you want your customers to look forward to regular visits from you, then you NEED social media marketing and the relationships it will help you develop.

Sharing is Caring…

While they may seem like three altruistic behaviors, if executed successively, they can be very beneficial to your company, product or brand. As basic as they are, though, they do not come naturally to everyone. You may think that social media is about broadcasting your message loud and clear to everyone to hear. But it’s not. It’s about sharing information so that you can help posit yourself as an authority. Nobody likes a blabber mouth, especially when networking socially.

Remember your 3-minute conversation at the loud, crowded bar? If you’re trying to engage another in conversation, it’s probably best not to go on and on about yourself. Instead, you want to try to impress your acquaintance with your broad outlook on current events, relevant industry news, as well as some good ol’ fashioned small talk. You’ll also want to be witty, rather than stoic and stiff. So why not be the same person on Twitter?

You’re only as good as the information you share — so check your sources first to ensure that it’s a link you and your brand wants to be associated with. It seems like an obvious thing to say, but a lot of misleading information can spread very quickly.

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