Social Media Is A Political “Golden Ticket”

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lori r taylor, revmediamarketing, social media, social media marketing, branding, product branding, networking, oneclicksocietyIf you are in the political game these days you better be online and deeply involved in social media. It is not enough to simply have a Facebook Fan Page managed by some pimply-faced high school kid either. You need to be hands-on, engaging with constituents and potential voters in every way possible.
Take it to their hearts and homes, as they used to say.
With social media today’s politicians can reach out, explain their positions on the issues, spin gossip and put counter-spin on the bad things said about them by their opponents. There is simply no end to the uses of social media for today’s politicians.
And if they can use it to their advantage, so can your business.
Social media is all about the audience. The audience today is online, that means you need to be online too. Social media is just one facet of the online experience, but right now, it is the most important one of all.

Kissing babies is still a valuable trick of the political trade, but it’s not enough for the digital world. The modern politician will capture the baby-kissing on video and quickly post it on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube while making sure constituents “check in” to Foursquare. According to a recent Iowa field study of politically-themed advertising conducted by SocialVibe, the digital road to the White House is now dependent on social media engagement.

“Social-media engagement will decide election 2012,” said Jay Samit, CEO of SocialVibe, a digital advertising technology company, in an email. “Voters are hungry for sharable content that resonates with their values, priorities and interests.”

It’s to be expected that a social agency will sing the praises of social media. And reality dictates that old-fashioned TV advertising is, once again, going to account for the overwhelming bulk of political advertising this election cycle as politicians seek to target undecided and swing voters.

But online and social will be crucial to any successful campaign — especially in terms of fundraising and getting out the base. And experts parsing the results of the study during a conference call today offered up five solid tips for campaigns:

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