Social Media Is A MUST For Business

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This Is Not An Option

The time for foot dragging, waffling and delay is long past. If your business is not already using social media in some way you are officially behind the times. In fact, you can consider yourself behind the eight ball, a day late and a dollar short and losing additional revenue.

Social media simply is not an option any longer. Customers expect your business to be using social media. Either through a Facebook Fan page (which is most common) or Posterous, Tumblr, Twitter, Tout, YouTube or some other social media network. They expect to be able to reach you via social media just as they have always expected you to have a working business phone number they could call. This doesn’t mean you need to hire additional employees and start a huge social media network from scratch just to be there. It means you need to sit down with a social media marketing professional and devise a plan which works specifically for your business.

There is no right way or wrong way to do social media, but there is a right time. And that time is now. Actually, it was about six months ago or more, you’re just coming to the party late. well, the time to hesitate is over. Your competitors are using social media to capture more revenue right now, why aren’t you? You might have fears about releasing too much information, or you might worry a disgruntled employee will say the wrong thing to a customer or that Internet trolls will sit on your site and say horrible things about your company or your brand. Stop worrying. These things might already be happening but you just don’t know about it because you are not using social media so you have no way of knowing.

Social media is not your enemy. Delay is your enemy. Hesitation is your enemy.

Stop hesitating and start using social media today. You’ll be glad you did tomorrow.


Be it plumbers, bakers or candlestick makers, social media experts believe the technological shift has been so profound that ignoring the potential of Facebook, Twitter or the va­riety of other online social media platforms can be a self-inflicted wound.

“A year or two ago, I used to advise clients that if you’re heart wasn’t in it, don’t invest the time in social media,” said John Herman, a social media consultant in Newmar­ket. “But no longer. In this economy, it’s a real leveler of the playing field, and if you’re not online or using social media, you simply don’t exist.”

That growth in social media business use will be among many issues discussed at the daylong third annual “A-Ha!” NH Social Media Business Summit set for Oct. 27 at Gunstock Mountain Resort in Gilford. The event is hosted by Epiphanies Inc. of Gilford and the state Division of Economic Development.

Allen Voivod, the co-founder of Epiphanies, said the event will emphasize the success sto­ries and how businesses in New Hampshire are utilizing social media to their benefit.

“We want to bring in more New Hampshire voices and take a slightly different direction to try and highlight the many di­rect successes and tremendous growth opportunities,” he said.

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