Social Media Intranets Gaining Favor

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lori r taylor, revmediamarketing, social media, social media marketing, branding, product branding, networking, oneclicksocietyIf public social media platforms are so useful, imagine how useful it might be to have your own corporate social media network. It would be that much easier to share information, keep team members updated and get feedback from clients.

Social media intranets are gaining ground as more and more companies look to integrate the positives of social media networks without relinquishing control over them.

Whether or not this idea is right for your business depends on several factors. Chances are if you are a small business owner with a few stores in close proximity you can get by using a more public social media network. If, however, your company spans continents and includes hundreds of employees working in offices scattered in different cities, then a social media intranet might just work wonders for you.

There are compelling reasons to include social media in your business marketing plans. For some businesses there are also compelling reasons NOT to include social media in your marketing plans. The best idea is to analyze your corporation, look at the good and bad of social media; consider the total investment and weigh it against the risk and investment involved, before moving forward.

In the end, the benefits you reap will likely equate to your investment in the success of the system. Of course, this is true of anything you do for your business.

Corporate America has exhibited the best and the worst of social media in the short-lived industry’s time. There have been edicts passed down that prohibit employees from using them at all. There have been instances where companies have given everyone free reign and stupidity prevailed. There have been firings and, as a result, lawsuits about what can or cannot be done around what employees say.

Needless to say, the list goes on. One trend that is emerging according to an article in the New York Times is the creation and implementation of private corporate social networks. In the last century we used to call them intranets but you know kids these days ……Aside from the business of putting these private / internal social networks together the ultimate benefit to a company could be tremendous. Imagine a place where employees’ ‘socializing’ is around current projects, about moving things forward in the workplace and not about what color hairball your cat coughed up last night.

Just take a look at the last eight words of this description of how this type of internal social networking has helped Ceasars Entertainment.Do you use a corporate social network at your job? Have you experienced it in a positive way or has it just become another thing to do? Do you see the growth in this kind of service or is it just the flavor of the day?

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