Social Media Has A Role In Higher Education

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If you are going back to school, or if you have yet to start your degree pursuit, then you should be using social media to help you get into your school of choice. More and more universities are using social media to recruit students. We already know they are checking out social media profiles for “undesirable” students, but they are also checking those same sites for “desirable” students. So spiff up your Facebook page.

Social media And Educational Outreach
Social media is a great tool for promoting your brand or business. These are the same reasons why it is great for universities looking to burnish their image and promote their offerings. Social media is not a great tool because it’s cool (although it IS cool) it’s a great communication tool.

Simple as that.

If you are looking to head back to school, or know someone who is, make certain they consider using social media as the excellent communication tool it is.

Even smaller schools with more limited budgets can get in on the action. Setting up a Facebook or Twitter account is pretty much cost-free.

But what about students – what’s in it for them? And how can they use social networking to land an “accepted” letter from the school of their dreams?

Here are a few ways to get the most out your university social networking experience:

Do your due diligence. Not all college social networking efforts are the same. So don’t pay as much attention to the school’s website – the Twitter and Facebook accounts are more fresh and dynamic (usually updated at least daily). To get that process going, join a college networking site like that gives you access to other students, who provide reviews and recommendations on college social networking apps.

Build a personal college networking site of your own. To stand out from the crowd, create your own social networking site – one that tells your personal story. Facebook is the best app for that job. Just make sure that your site is “PG” rated, and that you don’t let any wild party pictures or colorful posts between friends show up on your site. A good rule of thumb: Don’t post anything that your parents or potential employer might object to.

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