Social Media Grandfather Dies Quietly

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social mediaFriendster is considered by many to be the grandfather of the social media boom. Unfortunately, despite the fact Friendster came first it simply couldn’t evolve fast enough to survive and announced this week it will close down next month.
Friendster had opportunities to grow, rebuffing a $30 million buyout offer from Google several years ago, but instead it slowly faded away thanks to newcomers MySpace and Facebook. MySpace itself fell to the ever-changing Facebook, and now Facebook is the last social media network standing.
Friendster will delete more than 10 years worth of data next month as it transitions itself to a gaming site. There is no specific lesson to be learned from the end of Friendster, except maybe, when Google offers you $30 million, you should take the money and run.

Friendster, the first site of its kind, was launched by internet pioneer Jonathan Abrams, who knocked back a $30million cash offer from Google in 2003.

The bid came with the sweetener of a stake in the Google search engine – which would now be worth billions.

But Abrams decided to hold out for a better offer – then watched as his creation was crushed in the stampede for new sites Facebook and MySpace.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is now worth more than £13.5billion.

Social media analyst and Friendster member Azeem Azhar said: “First isn’t always best.

“Friendster had very early success but before it got a chance to cement itself, other competition came in.

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