Social Media Good For Local Business

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Word-Of-Mouth = Relationship Marketing

Local businesses are seeing revenues rise as they increasing turn to social media marketing.

Let’s face it, nothing beats word of mouth advertising. Nobody knows this better than your local business owner who has made his living on the whims of the immediate community he serves. If word of mouth about their shop is good, business is good. Regular customers are their nearly their only customers, so if the vibe (or the word) is negative, their business will suffer.

For decades marketers have attempted to replicate the impact of word of mouth advertising, but to no avail. Unlike traditional marketing, however, social media marketing creates a near perfect replica of the word-of-mouth advertising effect.

How? Through relationship marketing.

Relationship marketing is at the heart of every successful social media marketing campaign. Online relationships today are no less powerful than a handshake was 50 years ago. The differences is, it is now easier than ever to gain someones trust online by providing useful information, solid tips and facts, and a wealth of benefits. This online trust goes a long way toward creating the positive word-of-mouth marketing that local businesses thrive on.


When A&E Jewelers launched its Facebook page in 2009, it received few hits, said Quintin Meyer, who oversees a number of operations, including the company’s social media presence. To drive traffic to the site, employees started telling customers about it in the stores. Schmidt said A&E Jewelers also updated its website, making it more accessible and adding better graphics, including a prominent box referring viewers to the Facebook page.

Action Reporter Media uses social media to engage readers in the conversation. Newspapers like The Reporter and Action Publications strive to enable communication between citizens, or businesses and their customers, said Richard Roesgen, general manager and executive editor of Action Reporter Media.

“Social media enriches and expands that dialogue in ways never before possible,” he said. “Citizens who share news and information via print, digital or social media will be more engaged with their communities, and of course we want to play a big role in that.

Click here to read the entire article on local businesses using social media marketing.

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