Social Media Goes Global (Pssst…It’s Always Been Global)

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Social Media IS Global

If you are looking to expand your reach to international markets there is no simpler way to do it than through social media marketing. Social media marketing allows businesses to reach foreign markets simply by virtue of the fact people from around the world can all join together online via sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Tapping into this market is as easy as joining a network, establishing a profile and at least having a presence in the same arena.

Global Is Money

By participating in a global marketplace your company stands a much better chance of increasing revenue and extending its market reach. With a worldwide audience now within reach your company can conceivably expand its product line, offer more services or simply pick up more business. The international marketplace is perfect for those businesses who need to increase their reach.

The most important consideration for your business is not whether or not to reach out to a global audience, but whether or not your company is ready to handle the increased business.

If you are planning to invite a bunch of people to your house, don’t you usually make certain the fridge is stocked with ice cold drinks, there are snacks to eat and chairs for everyone to sit on? Of course you do. The same technique is required for your business before you reach out to a global audience.

The fact is, there is no point in inviting these people to visit your company if your company isn’t ready to handle the increased business.

As a marketer you need to be conscious of the different needs of your audiences around the world. This creates some major challenges.

How do you meet the needs of an audience that speaks multiple languages?
How do you appear responsive when your customers could be in several timezones?
How do you support differing interests, products, cultures and regulations?
How do you segment and prioritize your social media efforts?

These are questions without easy answers, but planning ahead and ensuring considerations are taken can ensure your company is effective at communication on a global stage.

At LEWIS, we implement social media marketing for hundreds of brands and as an international consultancy have a unique perspective on international markets in digital channels. While the web is more frequently broken down by category / vertical as opposed to location, we can’t ignore the fact that adoption, user preference and sophistication does vary by market. From both a business and consumer perspective.

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