Social Media Fumbles Football Players

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Florida State football players have opted-out of social media because it seems the raft of negative comments has been taking a toll on their concentration. This is yet another example of the complicated nature of social media. On the one hand it can boost your bottom line, help you improve communications with customers and lead to new opportunities. On the other hand it might just leave you or your employees open to a wide range of negative, hurtful comments.

Any one in football will tell you, the best defense is a good offense. Before you enter the social media fray be certain you understand what you are getting yourself into. Train your employees so they know how to handle negative comments; develop a strong plan with a specific goal(s) and a clear path for getting there. And above all else, use a professional social media manager, or, if you are keeping it all in-house, be certain you move the responsibility around so no becomes burned out.

Social media marketing is perhaps the most effective communication tool the human race has ever created. But every tool has more than one use. On the one hand you can do good work with it, develop your business and enhance your bottom line. On the other hand, you are inviting millions (hundreds of millions) of strangers to your house for a barbecue so you can expect at least a few people will have too much to drink and misbehave.

The better prepared you are for this type of thing, the less you can worry about it and get on with the business of running your business.

But (Seminoles coach Jimbo) Fisher has preached the pitfalls of reading and responding to comments from fans. While many have been supportive during Florida State’s three-game slide, a small number of fans have turned the vitriol on the players.

“I don’t think it’s smart,” Fisher said Monday afternoon. “There’s no benefit. Tell me a benefit for getting on it? Because the only thing that comes back is negative. They read all the stuff that people say. I’ve told them, ‘Be careful. Don’t listen to it and don’t reply back.’ ”

The Boise State and New Mexico State football programs both banned Twitter before the 2010 season. Miami also did the same last season under Randy Shannon, but new coach Al Golden lifted the ban.

Other Twitter accounts at Florida State will remain active. The ID @FSU_Football, the official Twitter feed for Florida State football, was sending tweets Monday afternoon, and members of the sports information department also tweet updates on their programs.

Click here to read more about the Seminoles’ social media pitfalls.

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