Social Media For The Next Generation

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Gen-Y or Gen-Me?

When it comes to the current generation they have known nothing except a digital world. No cassette tapes, VCR’s, floppy discs or life without MTV. The Internet has always been a reality for Generation Y and they do not fear it at all. In fact, if you aren’t using the Internet, you simply aren’t reaching Gen-Y.

However, just because you are using the Internet, and social media specifically, doesn’t automatically mean you are connecting with Gen-Y. In fact, this generation is so savvy that they can see right through your attempts to mollify their desires by seeming to be engaged when really you are not. If you use social media as a broadcasting platform you are likely to damage your brand more than help it flourish. The people you are trying to reach likely know the difference between a Tweet from a person and a Tweet from a Bot. They will expect you to engage with them like human beings using a digital tool which might seem as inhuman to you as it seems human to them. This you cannot help.

There are no hard and fast rules for reaching Gen-Y, though many rules exist nonetheless. The fact is, Generation Y is so tech-savvy and “with it” that it is difficult to corral them into a single group; define them with a single term or even anything less than a host of terms. Despite this there certainly are some basics things you can do to avoid alienating this important demographic and it begins and ends with sincerity.

No matter how many errors you might make with your social media network, if you are sincerely trying to engage, trying to help your Fans and Followers, they will see this and cut you a little slack. If, however, you are simply trying to game the system, and get something from relationship marketing for nothing, well, don’t be surprised if they immediately see through your game and call you on the carpet for not playing by the rules.

That’s just how this new generation rolls.

Starting a business when young is an expensive process — but a good name can go a long way. Social networking is a free and effective way to market your new business, but what mistakes should young people avoid when they are first starting out — and afterwards?
1.) Don’t just broadcast. Engage and be exciting.

Consider creating campaigns and incentives to build your online business profile. When you first set up a business as a young person — potentially fresh from college — you may not have a dedicated client base or relationships to recommend you. Increasing brand awareness through exciting online campaigns and engaging with your potential customers can help bridge the gap.

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