Social Media For Small Business

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Everybody’s Doing It

You’ve heard the success stories. You’ve no doubt seen the research that shows it works. So why haven’t you started using social media marketing for your small business? (If it’sa lack of a social media marketing professional, click here.)

Is it fear? Are you afraid that someone will usurp control of your network and broadcast an embarrassing message? Or maybe they will say the wrong thing and alienate customers? These are certainly legitimate fears, but no more so than worrying a customer will walk into your shop and the salesperson will punch them in the face.
Not very realistic, is it?

Social Media For Small Business: Don’t Fear It

Let’s face it, if you really want to increase revenue and draw in more customers your best chance for accomplishing this is to use social media marketing. Social media is being used by more people than any previous communication tool. There are more than 1 billion people using Twitter and Facebook alone. If you want to attract an audience, go where the people are.

And the people are on social media.

You have a small business and you haven’t bought into the social media craze? Guess what? Silence is no longer an option. People are online talking about your company as you read this, whether you like or not.  If you don’t engage in the conversation, you risk losing your customers. But maybe you don’t have a choice as many small airports do in the State of California and across the United States. Many are owned by cities who don’t give them a dime and yet take money whenever they please. Those city managers force their airport managers to jump through hoops and political red tape to be able to promote their facilities. These airport managers have their hands tied in dealing with counties which just recently decided to launch a website, let alone a social media marketing strategy. So, I was asked by Michael McCarron, Public Information Office for San Francisco International Airport, to speak to the managers of small airports through California about the benefits of having a social media presence, so that they can convince their ‘bosses’ to allow them to open Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts, as well as to create blogs.

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