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Recruiters are quickly discovering that social media is the next great frontier when it comes to finding new recruiters. No matter what field they are looking to find candidates for they know that social media is a likely source. This makes sense when you consider that more than ONE BILLION people are currently using some form of social media. Surely at least a few of those users are suitable candidates for your company. In fact, probably more than a few. But how do you find them?

That’s what recruiters want to know, too.

Recruiters have certainly started using more social media networks to help them find suitable candidates for the companies they serve. LinkedIn is a great source, but it’s also widely known as a popular site for business professionals which increases the competition for recruiters. This has led a great many of these recruiters to expand their search to other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Quora. What they need are excellent professional candidates looking for a better opportunity than the one they have now. On social media sites these potential candidates are more likely to leak details about their current status (happy, unhappy, aggressively looking for a new job) and also to talk a little about themselves. Using social media recruiters will also get a glimpse into the background of their potential candidate. For instance, did they post photos of themselves dancing naked at the last company office party? Then maybe they aren’t the best choice for a new employee.

What recruiters now understand about social media your company should already understand: social media is a powerful new business tool that offers an abundance of opportunities across a variety of fields.


Social recruiting is nothing new, and don’t let anyone tell you any differently. The best part is you don’t need to have “guru” or “strategist” in your title to succeed with social recruiting, despite what the gurus and strategists may tell you. But there is a lot to learn to do it right.

Social networks — including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter — have become core components of any solid recruiting strategy. Indeed, survey after survey shows social recruiting tops the areas where recruiters plan to spend more time in 2012.

But just because you’re on Twitter doesn’t mean you’re going to find your company’s future project leader or inspirational manager in 140 characters. Like accomplishing anything on social media, social recruiting is about strategic engagement — not one-hit wonders — and conversation rather than broadcasting.

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