Social Media Explodes Over Royal Wedding

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social mediaIn case you have locked in solitary confinement or living under a rock, the nuptials between Prince William and (now) Princess Catherine were held today at Windsor Castle. The grand event was televised live on every major network and several cable channel outlets with an assortment of colorful characters to add charm and provide commentary. It was also streamed live on the Internet, garnering the most views of any live streaming video event to date. Analysts are still sorting through the data of viewers and streams and how many people did what, where, but they already know one thing for certain: more than half of all the social media chatter concerning the Royal Wedding came from the United States.

Need more proof of how important a part social media is playing? Royal wedding social-network chatter has surpassed that for the Japanese earthquake and tsunami and the people’s uprising in Egypt.

Also from Webtrends: 911,000 wedding-related tweets were tracked in the past 30 days. That’s about 30,000 per day and accounts for 71% of all social media tracked by the Web analytics company.

And the TV networks are taking advantage of the fact that social-media-loving Americans are all over the Internet.

They’re using social media to engage readers and share minute-by-minute news, giving wedding followers countless social-media-drenched outlets to choose from, including the BBC’s royal wedding Facebook page, CNN’s Twitter posts from celebrities, the Today show’s Facebook page and NBC’s Twitter account @royalwedding.

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