Social Media Empowers Small Business

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Small Business Is Getting It Together

Looking to capitalize on social media and its ability to provide more reach to consumers, some independent retailers are teaming up to maximize their online presence. This partnered approach to social media bodes well for small groups who want to make a big impression. One small social media site can make a mark, true, but several social media sites strung together can make a much larger mark, sharing Friends and Fans and helping to spread the word about each others services, products, events or whatever.Founded in 2010, Little Independent, of Chicago, is aiming to make that sort of partnership a much easier thing to manage. Little Independent is an online marketplace for sale items at independent retail stores. They promote and embolden small, independent retailers, giving them a much louder online voice than they might have on their own. The Internet is a big, big place, full of lots of different stuff–it’s easy for one small independent retailer to get lost in all the commotion. Little Independent aims to use the power of partnerships to help direct potential customers to independent retailers within their network. In this way the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Using the combined force of Facebook and Twitter Little Independent is making full use of what are now the two most powerful social media tools on the Internet. They are leveraging the most users to maximize revenue potential for their customers.

This is a technique that more small business owners should be using. Rather than looking for competitors, you should start looking for teammates who can help you shoulder the burden of social media marketing, increasing the true range of your reach. That is the true definition of a win-win scenario.


“Most of the stores using the site do the majority of their sales face to face at full price in their stores,” says Lesley Tweedie, shopkeeper and founder of Little Independent. “Occasionally we find ourselves with excess merchandise. It is nice to be able to work together with other retailers to increase visibility to reach local shoppers or to sell those items online.

“Little Independent has increased our visibility around the country,” says Alexis Eyler owner of Lollie in Evanston, IL which is one of the stores using the site. “We have seen an increase in orders on our website from California to New Jersey and many places in between, which is nice since we have taken a very local focus with our shop as far as SEO.”

Little Independent utilizes Facebook and twitter (@LitInd) to connect with store owners and let shoppers know about sale items available on the site. Many of the stores using the site learned about it through social media. “Social media is a big part of our outreach strategy especially since we’re really interested in facilitating connections between independent retailers and inspiring a sense of community,” says Tweedie.

Click here to read more about Little Independent.

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