Social Media DOES Serve A Purpose

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Surveys are great for reminding us that what we think we know might not be common knowledge. So it is with the latest report that more than half of all small businesses think social media serves no purpose.


Define “Unnecessary”
I suppose is your small business is barely keeping up with orders and you have more business (and revenue) than you know what to do with, you’re probably right: Social media is likely unneeded. If that does not describe your small business however, why are you still resisting the use of social media?

It’s Free!
Using social media is great because it’s free. That means there is no upfront cost. Create a Facebook Fan Page or a Twitter account and see what happens. You don’t need to allocate a full time employee to the task of managing your social media network. Just try it and see what happens. You might be surprised.

Social media is simply a tool that can help your business succeed. I suppose there are a number of small businesses that could continue to operate without a telephone, but they would do much better with one than without.

Small businesses don’t seem to be swept up in the social media revolution, according to a new study.

Hiscox, a small business insurance provider, polled 304 decision makers for U.S. businesses with between one and 249 employees in June. Of those polled, just 12% considered using social media a “must” for their business. However, 50% of respondents said they couldn’t do without word-of-mouth marketing. Just 4% said the same about social media marketing.

According to eMarketer, a whopping 64% of those polled said social media was either not necessary or not something they had an opinion about. Of those small businesses that were using social media for marketing, Facebook was the most common vehicle, followed by LinkedIn.

Nicole Perrin, senior editor at eMarketer, says she’s not surprised by the results. “We typically don’t see that they see this as the be-all, end-all,” she says, noting that small businesses often lack the resources to execute a social media marketing plan. “They’re still very focused on traditional word of mouth and very used to traditional marketing.”

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