Social Media Does More Than Advertise

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social mediaEveryone knows (or at least they should) the value of using social media to market themselves, but social media can wear an abundance of hats and do a bunch of different jobs for your business. social media is great for getting the word, but what that word is might change frequently. Maybe you need a good employee in a specific field, a business lead, a partner, a resource, a reference; whatever it is your company needs, the chances are you can find it with a social media tool.

Start with a plan

Some companies develop their social media strategy through a gradual evolution – a few employees begin blogging, others join Facebook and the marketing rep starts sending out updates through Twitter.

Although that can work occasionally, it is more effective to sit down and map out a plan about what sites will be used, who will be doing the updating, and how often tweets or Facebook postings will be sent, said Bob Brin, head of interactive at the Minneapolis public relations firm Padilla Speer Beardsley.

“No one can focus on all social media channels at once,” he says, and advises that companies initially assess where competitors or customers visit, what types of online conversations seem best to join and what type of tools are already being used by employees.

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