Social Media Customer Service: Yes Or No?

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How Do You Communicate With Your Customers?

If your company is like many using social media you are relying on your network to help you connect with customers, resolve problems and promote services. But is social media a true solution to customer service issues?

Good question.

Much like anything else we do, social media is not a one-size-fits-all solution. You will never hear Lori Taylor recommend social media marketing completely replace traditional marketing. No. In fact, Lori is always touting the benefits of using social media in conjunction with traditional marketing in order to gain the most exposure for your business. The same is true of customer service.

Social media is a great supplement to your customer service program, but you should not expect it to replace your existing system. Your existing customer service system was built with your existing (traditional) customer in mind. If you replace your existing customer service system with social media you are bound to be disappointed because you will lose your connection to those customers who have relied on your traditional system.

A better solution is to use social media to bolster your existing customer service system. It’s a great way to connect with new customers and offer an alternative communication method with existing customers. the goal with social media is not to replace traditional solutions, but to enhance them. It is a fantastic tool for offering your customers (and/or your clients) new services.


I am seeing the same trouble with social media today. People are focusing on the completely wrong metrics and not properly educating executives on the real story of social media. Today, companies are focusing on metrics such as ‘likes,’ fans, followers, etc. These metrics tell you nothing of substance. Few companies tie this information directly to their Customers through measurements such as the net promoter score of the social Customer, what products they are buying, etc. Most companies proclaim to be ‘listening’ in the space but very few have changed or implement processes or products based on this listening. Huge ROI can be gained just by measuring changes that stem from listening.  It’s sad to say, but the only changes I have seen are those due to large or threatening groundswells. And in my view, change was only made to silence the noise.

It is easy to pick on businesses where problems play out in social media. After all, it’s there for everyone to witness. The fact is that every business, large or small, can find out useful information via social media. It’s not just about listening, it’s about gaining insights and intelligence.  It should not take a groundswell of any proportion to get people within your organization to start to think about the Consumer. The world as we know it has already shifted. This is indeed the end of business as usual, but few are willing to admit it.

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