Social Media Can Help You Find A Job

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You may think social media is just for chatting with your friends, sharing photos and passing around videos of geese chasing little children at your local park.
In reality, it’s about helping you find a job. I know, because I found THIS job via social media.

Who’s Hiring?

If you wonder why you are only just now hearing about the ‘social media job board’ it might be because of the fact most of us who knew what a boon it was to our job search wanted to keep it a secret. We didn’t want a huge deluge of job applicants flooding our social media networks.
Actually, I’m kidding. I have been telling everyone I know who is unemployed (and as a former journalist I now plenty) about the wonders of social media in helping me find a fantastic job (Thanks Lori!) but many of them have looked at me sideways for even suggesting it.

Social Media Can Save Your Life
If you are unemployed the best thing you can do is let people know you are in case they hear of a job that might be good for you. Social media, as we all know, is the best way of getting the word out about anything. So it makes perfect sense that using social media to find a new job would work perfectly.

The days of scanning the Sunday newspaper for jobs are long gone. The real action is online. But how do job seekers stand out from the crowd when applying to a job online? What social media skills do they need and what social media communities should they be a part of? With that in mind, JobWorks, Inc., which operates the San Diego Metro Career Centers, is helping job seekers develop their social media skills by teaching the power of social media in a job search.

The San Diego Metro Career Centers Social Media Workshops are twice a month and topics include, the Next Level of LinkedIn and the importance of Social Networking.

At a recent workshop facilitators brought in a San Diego employer to discuss the value of social media and it was standing room only. More than 70 job seekers filled the room to hear how a company looks for candidates online, and how they utilize social communities like LinkedIn.

“If employers are changing the way they hire by looking online, then job seekers have to change too,” said San Diego Metro Career Center workshop facilitator, Linda Cimmino. “We are helping job seekers set up LinkedIn accounts as well as giving them insight on social communities.”

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