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lori r taylor, revmediamarketing, social media, social media marketing, branding, product branding, networking, oneclicksocietyDon’t Look Now, But Your Customers Are Escaping
That’s right. If you aren’t using social media to bring in new customers you can bet you are probably losing existing customers too, because they are being drawn away by the social media marketing efforts of your competitors.
Social media is not rocket science, folks. It’s as easy as understanding that if you want to play to an audience you need to put yourself in front of that audience.

Social media is the world’s largest audience and it continues to grow by leaps and bounds every day.

Unlike a couple decades ago when the largest audience you could reach was only available during a particular television broadcast there are tens of millions of people–hundreds of millions people–online right now, checking their status updates, Tweeting and posting their location. If you are trying to market to customers, whether they are your existing customer base or potential new customers, you need to be where they are.

Social media may seem confusing, daunting and risky. I understand. But nothing worth doing was ever easy.

Jay Bean is CEO of OrangeSoda of American Fork, which helps small businesses market themselves online. He offers answers to common questions business owners have about online marketing.

What’s the first step to an online marketing strategy?

Everyone wants more customers but they don’t always think about how the customers will arrive. I’ve seen dozens of service companies that will drive traffic to a website that doesn’t have a phone number listed. Once you have a goal set, everything else will fall into place. Everything you do should be built around that goal.

What does search engine optimization mean and how does it affect my business?

It’s just a fancy way of saying “make [my] stuff show up on Google (or Bing).” When people look for a business, they don’t use the Yellow Pages anymore; instead, they search online. Search engine optimization, either through keywords or key phrases, helps businesses show up before their competitors.

What is the best strategy for combining and optimizing social, mobile and search online marketing tools to help consumers find a local business on the Internet?

In a well-functioning campaign, every element of online marketing supports the other elements. Pay-per-click advertising can be useful for testing keywords and finding out what phrases the search engine optimization efforts should focus on. Social media can help build links and improve the SEO efforts. SEO also affects maps optimization, so when people use Google Maps on their iPhone or other smart phone, a business is more likely to show up if they’ve had good SEO.

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