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You might think that the only way to get increased activity on your social media network is by doing things online. This is only half right. Yes, it is important you maintain an active online profile if you expect your social media network to grow, but it is no less important that you continue to market yourself in traditional ways. Publicity stunts are great ways of getting a little attention from your local newspaper. It is also a way of getting people to sit up and take notice of your brand.

Branding Is Not Just For Cattle
Yes, you, your company, your product–whatever it is you do is your brand. The more attention you can bring to your brand the better. in most cases you want this to be positive attention. In fact, in almost ALL cases you want this to be positive attention, but don’tfreak out if a little negative gets in there. The old saying “There is no such thing as bad publicity” is also half-right.

Whether it is a sports team getting new uniforms, your office getting a make-over or your company getting a new sign; sometimes it is difficult to gauge how your social media network will be affected, just know that it will.

Few sports focus as heavily on rankings as college football. When it comes to the social mediasphere, there’s no question that the University of Maryland has risen to the top spot this week.

The Terrapins beat Miami 32-24 in the teams’ nationally televised season opener Monday. Such a result is enough to make Maryland fans happy, although not traditionally enough to cause a social media surge and ignite the blogosphere. However, throw in a unique, interesting, “insert-your-140-character opinion here” uniform and you’ve got yourself a near-instant trending topic.

“We knew the uniforms would make a bold statement when the team unveiled them on Monday night,” said Dan Mecchi, Under Armour director of digital media. “As a brand we are always active on Facebook and Twitter.”

The Maryland-Miami game certainly provided one of those hits. Within moments of taking the field in state-flag inspired Under Armour uniforms, Maryland football became the subject of fan chatter world-wide-web-wide. “University of Maryland” shot to the top of Google Trends and was Google’s second-most searched term on game day. “Maryland Football” was among Yahoo’s most searched sports terms and jumped to No. 2 in the sports category on the site’s Buzz Log Movers’ rankings, which gauge surges in a term’s popularity.

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