Social Media Best Practices For Business

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social media managementWe all realize the importance of social media for today’s business owner. Or at least we should. (Let’s just pretend, for the sake of argument, that we do.) The first thing we need to ask ourselves is how best do we make use of all the different social media platforms? Sure, there’s Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and Quora and FourSquare and Posterous–the question is, what can these sites do for our business. What do we want them to do? How do we want them to help our business? Are we looking for customers? Are we hoping for increased sales? Are we driving visitors to our web site?
It is important to know where we are trying to go if we expect social media to help us get there.

It’s been a relevant question for solution providers ever since Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn became part of the cultural lexicon: How best to embrace social networking for business use?

The debate rages but in the past two years several vendors have piloted social networking-flavored programs for their channel partners, hoping to help them effectively navigate the platforms and experiment with how to drive business outcomes.

Avaya is one of the more recent vendors to take up the mantle. Earlier this spring it launched Social Media Blitz, a program designed to help Avaya partners onboard themselves with social media and leverage social networking communications on their own.

When a partner signs up, he or she is given a login and access to the Avaya Social Port, an aggregator dashboard that allows the partner to access a library of Avaya-flavored content, select a social media platform (either Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn) and push the content out using those platforms. Partners can adjust the content depending on the audience they’re trying to reach or the message they’re trying to promote.

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