Social Media As A Tool To Boost Sales

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lori r taylor, revmediamarketing, social media, social media marketing, branding, product branding, networking, oneclicksocietyIf you are considering ways in which to use social media, consider this: More businesses than ever before are reporting increased sales which can directly trace to social media efforts.

Yes. Social media. That once frivolous time-waster known more for getting people in trouble at work is now responsible for boosting bottom lines across the global business landscape.

In fact, social media has become such an effective business revenue generating tool that some businesses are setting out specifically to increase revenue through the use of it. No more groping in the dark, hoping for a hit with social media. Increased revenue becomes the one and only goal of social media efforts.

This is good news for social media managers. They are the folks who make it their business to properly operate YOUR social media network for you, while you are busy running your business. They are the ones who set goals, achieve them, then concentrate on maintain the new status quo as set forth by the paradigm shift. They make certain your social media network is not just a frivolous time-waster, but an effective revenue generating tool.

So, if your business is facing flagging sales, consider social media. It just might be the tool you have been searching for.

Airphil Express recently celebrated their first anniversary last March and is continuing its thrust to maximize social media in driving sales.

Alfredo Herrera, Airphil Express Senior Vice President for Marketing and Sales said the company had been harnessing the strong potential of Facebook and Twitter as powerful information and engagement tools. “Twitter and Facebook have been doing wonders in our sales in both online and offline channels,” Herrera said.

Herrera added it would be hard to quote a figure on how much social media contributed to the growth. However, he said that “it would be safe to say” that Airphil Express, or APX, has seen a significant increase in its website traffic since the company beefed up its online presence in January 2011.

APX’s rise in social media didn’t happen overnight. Five months ago, APX only had a meager 6,000 fans on their then dormant fan page. “Actually, our social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter have been around for over a year now,” said Herrera. “But it wasn’t until January of this year when we implemented a concrete strategy in utilizing these channels.”

APX has over 82,000 fans on Facebook today but what is impressive is not the number per se but how fast it got there. “Last January we did an experiment. We launched a simple promo highlighting our Airbus A320 routes on Facebook. It worked. It took off,” Herrera said. The said promo was “Tag a Flight, Tag a Friend,” which was very successful. Their fan base size tripled from a stagnant 6,000 to over 18,000 strong. This marked the beginning of APX’s soar in social media.

In the succeeding weeks after their foray into social media, Herrera said Airphil Express continued complementing their offline marketing campaigns with activities in Facebook and Twitter.

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