Social Media As A Recruiting Tool

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It’s Done Everything Else
Social media is quickly becoming the go-to source for finding quality employees. After all, you can usually find both professional and personal information about a candidate by checking out their social media profiles. LinkedIn has their professional information and Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or one of the other sites, usually has their personal information. If they aren’t using social media that tells you a lot about them as well–namely that they are still living under a rock somewhere and hardly ever see the sun.

Social Media Recruits
Candidates are easier than ever to find thanks to social media. You can practically skip the professional head hunters in lieu of doing a simple search on LinkedIn. This might not be the best way to find a new brain surgeon for the Mayo Clinic (or maybe it is) but it works for just about everything else.

When To Say When
The best advice for finding recruits on social media is to not jump into the deep end of the swimming. Remember, social media only goes so far when it comes to finding employees. they still need to be fully vetted, backgrounds checks should be done, credit checks, professional references followed-up on–whatever you might normally do beyond just finding a candidate, is still advisable.
Social media is a great tool, but remember, it is still just a tool. How well it works for you all depends on how well you use it.

It is seen as an acceptable way to connect to customers or even a necessary tool to perform your day to day role. So really if everyone has a LinkedIn profile will it be simple to identify the talent, send them a Job Description and then they will come?

Not so – this is where LinkedIn, recruiters and employers have to be very careful about the way they engage with their market. If you send an Inmail to people on LinkedIn day and night, that top talent is going to become sick of receiving every job available in the market every day.

Take Sales in Auckland for example, the online job boards would have 50 plus new Sales roles advertised daily, so if you are happy in your role and receive half of those roles via email everyday you are going to become very sick of LinkedIn, very quickly. Therefore what could easily happen to LinkedIn is what happens to the on line job boards – once you have found your new position, you simply turn off the feed from the Job Boards.

Therefore thinking that LinkedIn could be the ultimate solution to filling those hard to fill roles, think again. It is just another channel to find talent in the market but not the solution to everything. People will still want to plan their career move carefully and need the human interaction to ensure their next move is the right one. It is the way you engage with those people that is the key.

With YouTube it is being used more and more to give candidates a better insight into what happens within an organization, which should be used more and more. Sure it won’t mean that it solves the problem of finding that elusive candidate but it will mean your audience is better engaged with your business and they will be better prepared.

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