Social Media And Your Non-Profit

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It’s Not Always About Revenue

Business is business and business is all about revenue. Unless your business is a non-profit, then it’s all about giving.

The most recent increases in social media use are coming directly from the non-profit sector. These organizations make good use of any tool which can bring in donations but basically has no cost attached to it. Social media offers them access to a global audience without the work or expense that comes with a traditional marketing plan.

Of course not everything about social media is perfect and not everyone is having the same amount of success with it. Some organizations are clearly benefiting from being a little more social media savvy and you can see this in their social media efforts. Not everyone is finding the water calm and the skies clear when it comes to sailing the social media sea, but everyone is definitely jumping into the water.

Fortunately for non-profit groups, some analytics companies are committing their resources to calculating the impact of their efforts and the results they achieve, breaking them by charity type, methods used and revenue generated. This is good news for any non-profit not yet in the water, or any non-profit which is looking to tweak their existing plan in order to drive better results.

Just as with any for-profit business a non-profit business needs to know what it is getting for its investment dollar. Anyone currently using social media knows it may not require an upfront, out-of-pocket expense but it does require an investment of labor, something which might be in short supply at your local non-profit. This investment of labor can be a sticking point for any business looking to start a social media campaign, but especially for a non-profit.

If your non-profit is already using social media marketing or even thinking about using social media marketing make certain you do your homework first, or consider consulting a social media professional to help you get the most from your efforts.


We researched how often organizations are posting on different social media platforms, what nonprofits are being talked about the most: mentioned on Twitter and talked about on Facebook, and whose words are having the most impact on their communities. And, we found some cool stuff:

  • The most talkative category on both Facebook and Twitter are Animal and Environmental Organizations. Animal groups have a weekly average of 14 Facebook posts and 134 tweets. Environmental groups are close behind with 12 Facebook posts and 88 tweets per week.
  • The least talkative on Facebook and Twitter are Veterans and Military organizations.
  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is the most talkative Animal Organization per week, on average, on both social media platforms.
  • The most engaged communities on Facebook are Children’s Organizations with an average of 39 Fans per person are “talking about this.”
  • Only 1 nonprofit, out of the 40, does not have a Twitter account.

We also talked with several of the organizations by phone and email and asked them how many social media staffers work for them and whether they were part time or full time and if their social media responsibilities were incorporated into different job roles such as online advocacy, online communications, etc.

Click here to read more about social media and non-profit groups.

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