Social Media And Your Hotel

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social mediaOk, so it’s not actually your hotel, but it sure feels like home when you check in and finally collapse in a heap on the bed. Since hotels are a home-away-from-home for so many business travelers, why do they seem so ignorant of the value of social media? Travel sites have been rating them and crowdsourcing everything from reviews to actual photos of what they hotels truly look like when a guest checks in. How have hotels responded to this social media scrutiny? mostly with a collective shrug of their shoulders, that’s how.
But don’t take my word for it, ask

The one problem with hotels is some managers, interested in the quick-buck for the moment, either don’t see or want to see the value of this approach. They generally want to know that your efforts are going to cause a hotel room sale the next day, when that’s not how the marketing dynamic works.

What hotel people must understand is that the blogger is laying a platform online that’s a lot like a billboard: you know there are a lot of people who can see it, you just have to make sure it’s up and well-positioned so they can. Over time, the idea of using the hotel is placed in the head of the consumer.

It’s up to the hotel to know how to track their exposure, or ask the blogger to set up a system for them to do so. One way is to make sure the hotel mangers sign up for Google Alerts, an app that sends an email of all of the blogs and stories that have the hotels keywords of concern pop-up. A good marketing effort can make a hotel’s Google Alerts pop and ping like a pinball machine.

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