Social Media And The Criminal Element

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If you have seen the news lately you know the stock market is tumbling and London is burning. Both of those big news stories owe at least a portion of their existence to social media.

In London, social media was used to help gangs of youths coordinate their rioting efforts, avoid police and generally cause as much havoc as possible. Everyone with a smart phone knows just how easy it is to stay in touch these days. Whether you use that ability to commit crimes or find the best deal on a new shirt is up to you.

In the stock market on Tuesday, day traders raped and pillaged what few gains had been made the previous Monday, cashing in while the numbers were up. Their efforts were made that much easier through the ease of online communication.

So, with all these nefarious actions taking place online, is it safe to log on anymore? Of course it is. Each year thousands of good, decent Americans are killed in their cars. Sometimes they are at error and sometimes the accidents happen through no fault of their own. Does that mean cars are evil? Of course not.

Social media is one of the greatest communication tools since the invention of the mechanical printing press. How it is eventually put to use is up to each of us.

It is worth mentioning, the Bible remains the best selling book of all time.

If you’re going to commit petty larceny and you want to get away with it, you probably shouldn’t create a Facebook event to mark the occasion. And unless you’re referring to a Tupac song, you probably shouldn’t hashtag a tweet #gangsterparty. The NYPD has formed a new social media unit to nab crooks who talk about their crimes, including gang activity on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace.

The New York Daily News reports that the new juvenile justice unit will “mine social media, looking for info about troublesome house parties, gang showdowns, and other potential mayhem.”

Assistant Commissioner of the juvenile justice unit, Kevin O’Connor, will head up the effort, which will operate under the Community Affairs Bureau. The Daily News points out that in the past, 23-year-old O’Connor has used the Internet to successfully catch criminals, coordinating stings to bust predators looking to hook up with minors, for example.

O’Connor also has law enforcement experience specific to social media. The Daily News says “he was credited in his former assignment with a Manhattan North gang unit for providing critical information in a number of shooting cases gleaned from online boasting.” As a result, he was promoted to assistant commissioner from lieutenant, a significant jump in rank.

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