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social media marketingWOW! Talk about the wrong reaction. A high school kid in Connecticut thought he was doing something romantic when hung cardboard letters on the side of his school asking a girl to the prom. When I was in high school (not as long ago as you might think) that might have been romantic, but today it gets you banned from going to prom. At least, that’s what happened to Tate.
Then social media stepped. Facebook Fan pages were created to try and force the school to let Tate go to prom. Then Twitter accounts. Then another Facebook Page suggesting an alternate prom be set-up and that students should boycott the official prom. The blogosphere got wind of the story and it blew up across the Internet. In a matter of HOURS the story went local, national and global via social media.
No word yet on whether Tate will indeed be admitted to prom. So far, school officials are not budging in their decision and they are not commenting at all. (Big fish in little ponds, if you ask me.) My guess is they will ultimately bow to the power of social media and let Tate go to prom, but warn him not to pull a similar stunt next year….

Tate was banned from going to his prom after he attached his prom invitation to the wall of Shelton High in giant cardboard letters.

When word of the ban began filtering out Tuesday, someone created a Facebook page “Let James Go To The Prom Facebook” . In a little over 24 hours, the page went from nothing to having more than 50,000 likes (as of 9:00 p.m. Wednesday).

A second Facebook page was created Wednesday afternoon, suggesting there be a ” New Shelton Prom .” It also generated thousand of supporters.

On Twitter, the hashtag #TeamTate took off and was a trending topic, with people expressing support for Tate and condemning the school administration, while news sites including @WTNH and @CTPost provided updates throughout the day.

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