Social Media And Politics Make Fine Bedfellows

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It’s All In The Numbers

Ask any politician and they will tell you (contrary to popular belief) the worst part about holding public office fundraising. They can get huge contributions from large donors, sure, but then they run the risk of seeming to cater to those same contributors. They can certainly get smaller contributions from many voters, but that entails a huge investment on their part just trying to get their message out.

It’s a tricky situation they find themselves in every every election season.

Now social media is riding to the rescue by providing an inexpensive way of reaching out to a large audience, sharing their message and soliciting their donations. Social media communities are also a great way to interact with potential voters and respond immediately to opponents. This makes the process not only simpler, but involves much less investment on the part of the candidates.

Mitt Romney and Rick Perry (along with numerous other previous and current candidates, including President Barack Obama) have used social media both for fundraising and interaction. This has led to an increased interest in social media by both other candidates and those interested in following the political process. All political parties now employee dozens of social media professionals to help them organize and manage their social media networks.

Besides the effective attack, Romney’s campaign demonstrated that it can adroitly use social media to get a message out to the public.  The video was put in an ad  on Twitter that can reach a large, engaged audience.

Using this technology effectively will be vitally important to every presidential campaign in the years to come, and will allow candidates to go straight to a large number of people.  This can be done without the middlemen and journalists that act as the gatekeepers.

Perry’s campaign has also been on the offensive against its chief rival, trying to paint Romney as a flip-flopper and a man who is hiding his record.  Perry released a video this week called “Words Have Meaning,” which pointed out how some favorable comments about Romney’s Massachusetts health care plan were deleted from the paperback edition of his book, No Apology: The Case for American Greatness.

Click here to read more about the political battles taking place on social media networks.

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