Social Media And National Security

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Don’t look now, but Uncle Sam wants you, if you know your way around the social media landscape. This is part of a new Pentagon strategy to monitor and maintain a presence in the social media world. This has as much to do with national security as it does with a need to be hip and cool. (Ok, maybe it isn’t being hip and cool at all, but it sure seems that way.)

Social Media And Big Brother
The idea being put forward by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is to create a program which can monitor social media activity to keep a watchful eye out for those who might wish to do harm to the world around them. Whether these are homegrown terrorists or international terrorists or simply disgruntled individuals with an axe to grind, DARPA wants to know if they can detect and find them before damage is done.
And social media is helping them do just that.

But as goofy as it sounds, the New York Times reported Tuesday that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, is seeking researchers who can build programs to detect and track popular ideas on social networks.

Or, as the Times’ David Streitfeld puts it, a meme-tracker.

That makes a certain amount of sense, if you think about how Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks have been used to broadcast the ideas of revolutionaries, protesters and other political figures over the past few years.

And, as the report highlights, DARPA could also use the social networks to identify threats.It suggests, for example, that the agency could look into incidences of several people in the same area posting messages about rumors that a wanted individual is hiding nearby.

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