Social Media Analytics Is All The Rage

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social media marketingThe Next Big Things is here and it’s called social media analytics. Never mind that social media analytics has been on everyone’s minds since the first fan page was created, companies are finally starting to get serious about knowing what impact, if any, their social media efforts are having on their business bottom line. The name of the game when it comes to marketing has always been return-on-investment, so it only makes sense someone would finally come along and try to corner the market. Whether or not anyone can make a decent case for choosing their service over someone else’s and prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, they can accurately track your social media campaign engagement, remains to be seen. But is enough that companies are being swallowed up left and right to show that someone is already thinking ahead.
What do you think is the next big thing when it comes to social media analytics?

Buddy Media, the Facebook content management company we profiled earlier this year, announced that it will acquire social media sharing and analytics company Spinback.

And earlier this week Tap11 was acquired by AVOS, the new company from YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen.

These moves follow’s high profile acquisition of Radian6 in March.
Buddy Media and Spinack

Buddy Media is a small, young company but it has big name clients like ABC, Johnson & Johnson and Target. Buddy Media Director of Communications Joe Ciarallo told us that eight of the 10 biggest brands in terms of advertising spending are Buddy Media clients.

Spinback offers two products: EasyShare, a browser plugin that enables users to easily share content through social media, and EasyTrack Analytics, its social media analytics tool. SpinBack’s offering is comparable to other sharing/analytics tools like AddThis, which just received $20 in funding.

According to the announcement, Spinback’s team will join Buddy Media full time.

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