Social Media Analytics Expands With ‘Kred’

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What’s Your Score?

Klout has been around long enough for everyone to know what their score is. However, some people feel that score is often skewed by multiple Tweets with no click-throughs and a lack of variety when it comes to social media networks you can connect with your account.

Now there is Kred.The people behind Kred hope the site will offer a better analysis of your social media interaction by judging more sites and how much people actually interact with you. The site is free on a trial basis, with invitations going out this week.

Klout has been doing more to increase the number of networks it connects to. In September they began allowing users to add Facebook Fan Pages to their analysis, thus increasing (or possibly decreasing) their Klout score for that interaction. But Kred is not holding back when it comes to taking on the social media analytics leader (so far.) They are offering complete transparency when it comes to the factors which influence your Kred score, making the site much more useful from an “I want to increase my score but don’t know how” point of view.

Klout and Kred are sure to be going head to head in the coming months, each trying to our-do the other when it comes to helping social media users understand their reach. Which company will eventually win this social media analysis arms race will be the company which offers the most useful information in the easiest to understand format.

Kred Analytic for Analytic nerds like Me
If you like analyzing data and would like a deeper look into your details, Kred offers your analytical details of Kred over Time, Post Time, Word Cloud, Follower Growth & Post effect, all in the forms of graphs, numbers and clouds.

Kred API

Kred is a stand alone platform and as well fully integrated with PeopleBrowsr Playground or through Kred API.
Kred is not a judge and was not born to judge people based on Kred. Kred is not scoring us. Kred will not make us feel special one day and miserable the next. You have control of your it yourself. Kred shows us that everyone has influence in their own unique areas of expertise. Kred is helping us to grow our community and to become more social. Kred is influence with transparency.

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