Social Media Addiction Is A Real Problem For Some

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social media addictionSocial media networks offer the perfect way for businesses and individuals to interact online. It extends our global reach and creates easy outlets for our inner Id. Unfortunately for some it can become an addiction. It can draw our energies away from productive work and trap us in a cycle of never-ending needs to check updates, email and networks. Fortunately, more and more medical professionals are recognizing this and helping their patients cope with the need to be constantly online and plugged-in. The steps for breaking the social media addiction are very much the same as they would be for any other addiction. They revolve around understadning that social media is a tool, but like any tool, if you aren’t careful with it you might hurt yourself.

Refreshing your Twitter feed for breaking news is one thing, but becoming a slave to your social networks is another. While some people use Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media to stay in touch with friends, others can’t step away for five minutes without losing their minds. Are you one of them? Here, five signs you may be addicted to your social networks and what you can do about it.

* You’re constantly checking for updates — Checking Facebook or Twitter for new updates a few times a day is one thing, but if you’re checking on the bus, as soon as you get to work, constantly hitting the refresh button on your browser, and several times at night is going overboard. Sure, slacking off at work every so often has been proven to increase productivity, but if you’re missing deadlines and getting into hot water with the boss because of your incessant need to examine your networks, you could have a problem.

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