Social Media A MUST For Online Businesses

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Succeed or fail: Which is more appealing to you? In all likelihood you, and everyone you know, prefer success to failure. If you have a business you might be weighing the decision to get into social media marketing, and I can understand that. It is possible (though I believe unlikely) social media marketing might be difficult for you to integrate into your traditional marketing plan. If your business is online, however, there is simply NO WAY you will succeed without social media marketing.


The reasons are simple, yet complex. As social media has gradually gained more and more followers, more and more people have begun turning to it for all their online needs. When was the last time you used a phone book to find a good restaurant? Or used your local newspaper to advertise your garage sale? Chances are, if you need something, you are going to first post a message about it on your social media network.

And just about EVERYONE has a social media account somewhere.

It hardly seems possible that just a few short years ago we were still relying on search engines for things we needed online. Today, most of us use our social media networks for everything.

And research shows that interaction will only growing more in-depth, more intricate and more important in the future.

So, if your business is online, and you are relying on people to find it, your BETTER use social media marketing. If you don’t, success will be that much harder to achieve.

“So many small and mid-sized businesses we see are either not utilizing social media, or are doing so inconsistently,” co-owner David Wasson says. “It is our goal to create social mashups that build a sustainable conversation between a business and its customers.”

“The most powerful form of advertising, since the beginning of time, has been word-of-mouth advertising,” Wasson continued. “With the advent and mainstream use of social media, however, there is now a second form of advertising that is nearly as effective. Now, however, instead of telling one or two friends how much we like a product pr service over a lunch break — we tell hundreds of our friends instantaneously by ‘liking’ that product or service on Facebook, re-tweeting a message from them on Twitter, or interacting with them on LinkedIn. That is a powerful connection, and we aim to capitalize on it for businesses to thrive in the 21st century.”

SMS is ready to create quantifiable solutions and brand expectations in the new media age. Engaging customers is the lifeblood of your business, and Social Media Solutions is the group ready to give your company a new media edge against your competition.

SMS can tell you of the best platforms for your message, provide you both broad and focused views of how you can use various new media platforms to optimize your brand, and help you engage, interact and grow.

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