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by Lori Taylor · 3 comments

social media marketingWhen it comes to social media what it seems most users want is to know what their friends know. That’s where the new technology of social indexing is coming into play. Every time you click the ubiquitous “like” button on a web site you are participating in social indexing. It means, simply, taking stock everything everyone else is doing and keeping you in the loop. Social media analytics has barely gotten off the ground but already social indexing is poised to overtake it when it comes to gauging what people are talking about on the Internet.

“We’re moving towards people rank, not just page rank,” says Marc Smith, director of social media research group at Social Media Research Foundation, a research organization supported by various universities and Microsoft Research.

The first phase of social media was the websites and social media tools themselves: YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and others. Smith explains that people have up until this point creating the content: making videos, retweeting, editing wiki documents, uploading pictures with tags. Now that there’s all of this stuff out there, the focus is shifting to indexing it so that you can not only find it, but also do more with it.

“There’s going to be a moment where you realize you don’t need to know where you put things,” Smith told InnovationNewsDaily. “There’ll be a cosmic, celestial Google, and it will include people.”

You could plausibly type a few key words and find every intersection between you and someone you know — or don’t know — from anywhere on the web.

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Lori Taylor


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Sally Jo May 11, 2011 at 8:40 am

What is more important to a company right now? The number of people liking their content and sharing it, or the number of people commenting on the likes and shares that appears on your wall? I would think that the number of shares and likes is not as important as the comments that follow. Getting people talking is what is more important.


Angila VCal May 11, 2011 at 8:42 am

At what point do you think there is too much information out there? Do you really want everyone to be able to google you and know everything you have ever liked or done? Is this a real possibility or am I way off base on this?


Lori Taylor June 6, 2011 at 5:38 pm

I couldn’t agree more. I think our kids will have no idea what the concept of privacy is. Look at airport security – it’s insane right? This is why it’s so important to raise your kids to understand what might be funny or cool at 12 -16 can be the reason you didn’t get into college or the job you wanted later. I can only imagine what my digital record would have looked like had I been on line at 16.


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