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It Pays To Optimize

You no doubt spent a lot of time formulating a great social media marketing plan, building a social media network and monitoring and updating it daily. If you expect your social media network to deliver results you also need to optimize it for search.

That’s right, search engine optimization is a crucial part of social media management. Especially when you consider that search engine giant Google is now crawling social media sites. You work hard keeping your social media relevant, so why not promote that fact to search engines?

Search engine optimization is not complicated. In fact, it can be as easy as including relevant search terms in your YouTube video description or your Facebook account profile. You should already be adding SEO to your blog posts and your web sites. This has been a relevant and important marketing tool for years and there is no reason to think anything has changed in that regard. In fact if anything SEO is even more important today than it was a few years ago because everyone is doing it. That means if you don’t SEO your web site and your social media networks your competitor definitely will. Once that happens you know whose page will rank highest….and you don’t want to let that happen.

Many people still have the mistaken impression that SEO becomes superfluous once they begin using social media. They think social media is the be-all, end-all when it comes to Internet marketing. This is a 180-degree turn from where we were last year when more than half of all companies were looking at SMM as a pointless time-waster. But it’s not any better. In fact, if you ignore the importance of SEO you can actually do more harm to your online presence than any benefits you gain from using SMM.

If all these acronyms make your head spin do yourself a favor and hire a professional social media manager to help you formulate a plan and make the best use of all your online marketing efforts.


Many people doubt search-engine optimization, or “SEO” for short. Some have a bad impression of it from watching the TV show “The Good Wife” or reading about the “dirty tricks” of a certain department store in The New York Times. They say it’s nothing more than “black- hat” tactics that can get you in trouble with Google. These people want to cut back their marketing spending in a slow and uncertain economy. Some of this thinking may even be correct.

But SEO, when done right, is a business’s best friend. Why? Three words: return on investment (ROI).

The average return-on-investment for organic, ethical (or “white hat”) SEO from an online marketing firm is 1:15. In other words, for every dollar an organization invests in SEO, it gets $15 back, on average.

Additionally, unlike much traditional marketing, SEO allows companies to measure what they get. As a result, marketing managers don’t have to trust that it works: it’s evident. And the fact that SEO and other branches of online marketing (email, video, social media, paid search/PPC) are so much more quantifiable than a host of traditional marketing methods makes them that much more desirable to budget hawks and other professional number-crunchers.

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