Self Promotion Or Personal Branding?

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The authenticity of personal branding seems to be a hot topic of debate.  While I personally believe it it, I do understand why some are miffed by the prospect.

It might be a semantic issue or the belief that personal branding and authenticity are mutually exclusive.  The key is to wrap yourself in a package that’s both authentic and relevant to your target group.

In the online world of bloggers trying to build businesses either through content promotion or consulting services, it is mission critical you are clear with what you bring to the table and what you don’t.  If you are a great content creator but don’t have the first clue about promotion, then you might not want to land a new client who has needs help with lead generation.

The bottom line is, you are who you are, but depending on your voice, your focus and how you approach marketing, your value proposition might not be as clear to your audience as you think.  As organic conversations develop, it’s important to stay focused and on point with your core message of what you are trying to accomplish.

I’m as guilty as the next person to chat publicly about topics some of my audience might find confusing.  If that’s the exception and not a rule, then fine.  But if one minute you are the holy grail of search engine optimization, the next an expert at Facebook Fan Pages, and then oh by the way you are a PPC ninja, well packaged incorrectly you can seem like the poster child for ADD.

There is a time and place for organic off topic conversations; it only makes sense because you aren’t a robot, and theoretically have more than one interest and multiple skill sets.  But your brand should at a minimum give people the proper message for “Even though I’m knowledgeable on several subjects, this is the one thing you can count on me to do better than anyone.”

Personal branding is a process that includes self-analysis, self-assessment and an increase in awareness of how others perceive us as a brand.  There are 3 phases to the personal branding process I use – unearthing your personal brand, understanding it and utilizing it.

At the end of all those “u” words you can differentiate yourself from others – your coworkers, your peers and your competitors (if you’re a business owner).  You get very clear on who you are, what you stand for, what your strengths are, what your brand attributes are, your goals – basically, what makes you – you.

Living in authenticity and consistency is the end result.  That is a very powerful outcome for many people.  It’s like taking a very long look in the mirror, asking yourself lots of questions, working through the answers with a guide and realizing what will make you happy, satisfied and fulfilled in your life and at the same time you’re just being yourself.  Not bad for a few months and a few bucks!

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