Say It Isn’t So – Consumers Love To Chat (optimize this!)

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So let’s see…you are a bank, you have thousands of customers or prospects online at your site, looking for answers and the best you can do is a voice automated phone system?

Yet you’re probably chasing the shiny penny du jour of facebook to build your “social capital” because “everyone” else is and you don’t want to risk being “left behind”.


Meanwhile, your bucket (ie your site) is so full of holes looks like it’s been target practice for the local police department.

One of the ways you can start plugging the holes is find a way to give a quick answer to an easy question with live chat.  This gives you a better chance with prospects who might want to “test you” before they try you, and an awesome way to keep current clients confidence high with your ability to serve them.


Focusing on optimizing your current customer experience is key for any brand, especially a bank where customer service can make or break you.  It’s a one click society, on-the-go, connected 24/7 and they want you to be there when they need help.  Live chat is a great way to knock this ball out of the park!

Online chat increases conversions of both existing customers and shopping prospects, resulting in more completed applications and new relationships. Live chat is particularly effective for high-value financial services — e.g., loan, investment and deposit products — where shoppers usually seek more advice. Citbank says 90% of its live chat users complete a home-equity application. Similarly, BofA attributed an 8-fold increase in online mortgages and a doubling in home equity volume partly to live chat. For National City, the conversion rate for visitors using chat shot up six fold, and American Airlines FCU saw new memberships increase 15%.

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