Reality Of Social Media Marketing

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social media marketingThe fact is, the effectiveness of using social media marketing is no secret any more. Everyone knows it works and just about everyone has their own idea about what works and what doesn’t. the fact is, unless you have something good to offer, something that people want, all the social media marketing in the world won’t help you. That’s the problem with social media. People think they can open a Facebook account or start a Twitter feed and millions of people will flock to Follow them. That is simply not the case.
Look, take out an ad in your local newspaper offering free bed bugs. FREE! See how many responses you get. Then take out an ad on Facebook offering a free car to everyone who clicks on your link. When you have a million clicks will you credit Facebook or the offer?
When it comes to effective social media marketing, it’s always the offer, stupid.

If only marketing were that easy! The reality is that the companies getting the most from social media are the ones who have added social resources to a robust overall marketing strategy. Such a strategy relies on marketing channels from billboard advertising to good old fashioned face-to-face networking.

Arab News had a chat with Carl G. Peaple, director and managing partner, Source Rite International Fzco, about the company’s recent forays into the social media world. Source Rite is the regional distributor for FitFlop sandals, which offer “a workout while you walk.” Source Rite launched the brand in the Middle East in 2009 and the company currently supplies the sandals to more than 200 stores across the region.

Peaple explained that Source Rite has an integrated marketing plan that includes magazine advertising, radio spots and in-store promotions. With the growth of Internet access across the region, they recently decided to add Facebook and Twitter to their marketing tools, in part to keep up with trends, and also to find ways to gain a personal connection with their customers. Peaple believes that social media allows people to influence each other, which is actually a form of personal promotion for FitFlop.

“Many of our competitors spend millions on marketing but almost nothing in communicating,” said Peaple. “We feel that social media marketing is about creating demand for FitFlop that comes from our customers.”

Communicating with and engaging current and potential customers sounds like an ideal marketing strategy, and in a plan, it seems so easy to accomplish with social media. But of course, it’s not straightforward – even though Source Rite does have a firm foundation for its marketing efforts.

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