Rams Winless In Social Media Game

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st louis rams and social mediaThe St. Louis Rams just can’t catch a break. They have come in dead last in the season when it comes to social media. They might have had a string season with lots of wins on the field, but online, they are dead last when it comes to their social media network.
Sure, social media may seem miles away from the gridiron, but the fact is, sports fans comprise a number of the users of social media networks. They share scores, stats, photos and razz each other over wins and losses. It is their way to carry on the excitement of the season once play has stopped.
Sure a Super Bowl Ring might seem to beat a big Following on Twitter, but today sports franchises need both if they want to stay relevant and stay in the game.

The Rams finished dead last among NFL teams in the number of followers on social media sites Twitter and Facebook, according to a new Sports Business Journal ranking.

The Rams had 15,241 followers on Twitter and 90, 754 “likes” on Facebook — for a total of 105,995.

That is about 4% of the total for NFL-leading Dallas Cowboys, who had more than 2.6 million followers.

The average for the NFL’s 32 teams was 931,349 followers.

Sports teams have become increasingly interested in social media as a way to engage and stay in contact with fans.

The Sports Business Journal also ranked MLB, NHL and NBA teams.

The St. Louis Cardinals had the 7th highest number of followers in baseball, with 709,463.

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