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lori r taylor, revmediamarketing, social media, social media marketing, branding, product branding, networking, oneclicksocietyLori Taylor was on a business trip this week, so Robyn Anton filled in for her at One Click Society.
Robyn hosted a visit from online media publisher Scott Mentzer. Scott is the editor and publisher of several digital publications specializing in live streaming and archived video broadcasts. He also uses social media to promote his brand and reach out to embrace new audiences. From his flagship publication, The Wells County Voice, first launched in 2008, he has branched out to neighboring counties and major metropolitan areas.
Scott has built a network of freelancers, videographers, and broadcasters who help him provide the hyper-local news stories his readers are looking for. School sports are a major focus, but he also focuses on smaller community events, ribbon cuttings, and shows, all of which are often passed over by traditional media outlets.
Scott is a great example of how social media can be used to expand the reach of your brand and further develop your properties.

Well, when we first started, it was all local audio. It was
really kind of meant to be a competitor to the other local radio
stations who were doing live play by play high school sporting
events. What we wanted to do was give full representation to all
of the high schools in our area. The radio station which we
compete with obviously over a radio signal can only do one game
at a time. They have to pick and choose whatever game they want
to do at that particular moment. For example, here in Indiana,
high school football is a very popular sport. On any given
Friday night, the radio station can only service one ball game.
What our strategy was, was to try to go out and service all of
the high schools in our county. There are three high schools in
our county. We equipped ourselves to be able to do a live
broadcast of all three schools every Friday night so that no
school was unrepresented. The fans and the families of the
community could listen to whatever game they wanted to listen
to. We started out with audio. Again, being able to do more than
one game at a time gave us somewhat of an edge in terms of
differentiating ourselves. We got into basketball.
We realized we really could offer video as well, so we started
offering video to some of our events. That kind of further
differentiated ourselves from the traditional radio medium.
That’s been a very popular addition to what we do. Again, the
radio stations can’t provide that. The community is really too
small for TV stations to pay attention to high school sports.
People who want to find that content couldn’t find it anywhere
else other than our website.

Click here to listen to the entire audio interview with Scott.

Click here to download the transcript of Robyn’s entire interview with Scott Mentzer

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