The Evolution of a Product Logo

Since the desktop publishing revolution took place in the 1980s, there has been a significant change in the product logo creation of the advertising and marketing businesses. Many companies, especially smaller ones, decided that because they had the tools – computers, printers, and a selection of fonts – they could create a product logo that properly represented their business.

There are a couple of things wrong with this idea, and first and foremost is that few people in the business world had a creative bone in their body, and their knowledge of font use, colors, printing, and the media was extremely limited. There is a lot more to creating a logo than just coming up with a cool design and color.

For instance, the product logo that we all know is Starbucks Coffee – the “siren” and green surrounding logo with white letters, was recently changed. There are subtle reasons for why this was done, though you may argue that the differences are negligible to the average consumer. The original Starbucks logo was actually brown and the siren in the middle showed her breasts. The logo also said the company sold coffee, tea, and spices, which waters down their purpose.

The logo most of us have known for the past two decades is a little more modest and simply says Starbucks Coffee. The breasts were covered up by long hair, but a belly button was added! Now, the new Starbucks logo has no breasts, no belly button, and a much simpler look.

The reason behind this logo change is so that it will print better on a variety of items and become more recognizable than it is already, if that is at all possible. Their logo has become simpler and more refined over the years to the point where now if most people simply see a green circle, they can already smell the coffee – a perfect design for success!