Understanding Your Product Branding Definition

Understanding and knowing your brand is extremely important in today’s environment, and failing to control how it is perceived is one way to go out of business very quickly. Therefore, it is worth taking the time to understand your product branding definition and how it is working for you.

In short, a product branding definition is a sum of everything that has to do with your brand and how it represents. Keep in mind that your brand may not be your company and that your company may have several brand definitions to keep track of and to keep separate at all times.

When you think of your brand, it is your logo, your colors, your fonts, your design, your advertising and marketing styles, and even the voices that are used in your television and radio commercials. For instance, everyone knows the man’s voice from the Allstate commercials, and you only need to hear one word out of his mouth to know what he’s advertising.

Having a product branding definition that is so precise is incredibly important. When people see your logo, they should immediately have a feeling (hopefully a good one) about your brand and your company. When you hear the Allstate man, you immediately feel comfort and safety like they want you to feel, or you may hear his voice and cringe if you have had a bad experience with their company. Either way, their marketing is having an impact on you.

The key to any branding exercise is consistency. Your colors should always be precise. Everyone knows the red of Target, the green of Seven-Up, or the blue of Facebook. Your fonts should be just as easily identifiable, and the way in which your marketing and advertising is approached should always be the same in every type of medium to create a consistent and memorable message.