Print Media Could Learn From Social Media

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social media marketingIt wasn’t so long ago the folks designing the new social media networks were taking lessons from the venerable print media standards. Now, the tables have turned. Many in the print industry are looking to the new social media networks to understand how they survive in the new digital world. there are certainly lessons to be learned from both sides of the digital divide, who learns them first and best will wind up surviving into the new century. For companies that cannot learn to survive, that cannot understand the changing dynamics between consumers and companies on the Internet, there is an alternative: extinction.

While the advent of social media has generally proved to be a challenge to traditional print marketing, such as direct mail and poster initiatives, there is one lesson print experts can learn from the digital medium.

Social media has enforced a customer-centric marketing strategy that is designed and driven by consumers, their preferences and interests. Consider that the most popular brands on social media are those that are not always touting their product. Instead, they feature content that is not only relevant and interesting to the company, but also to consumers.

“A good marketing plan revolves around your customers. Who are they, where are they and what do they want? Answer those questions first and craft a message that speaks to them,” writes Christine J. Davis, of the New Hampshire Division of Economic Development, for

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