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Social media buttons are a great way to get your existing customers to connect with your brand. These ubiquitous little knobs make it easier for your customers to click and connect with you on social media.
Just about every web site around today, at least the ones who know how to properly leverage their social media and online presence, use them to make connecting easier.

Keep It Simple
With social media buttons you stand a much better chance at leading customers to your social media presence. A button on your web site which says “Click here to Follow me on Twitter” is much more likely to bring new Followers than a billboard. If a customer is visiting your web site then the chances are they are already a fan of your brand. They already want to connect so why not make it easier for them to do so by adding a button? You can custom design your button so it matches your brand logo or company color scheme, and you can use your buttons to direct your customers to specific pages or accounts where they can find more information about your offerings.

Buttons Are WINNING!
Buttons are the tools most Internet surfers look for when they are cruising web sites. If your web site doesn’t have a social media button then customers might get the wrong idea about your brand; they might think you have no social media network, or even worse, that you don’t care if they connect with you via social media or not.

If you can’t afford to design your own, social media buttons are available for free. Just do a search for them.

With many businesses now using social media to attract customers, Get Satisfaction reported last week that 69.8% of people follow brands because they (1) would like a Special Offer, or (2) because they are current customers of that brand. But according to, only 3% to 7.5% of fans see posts by businesses they are following.

A new social sharing button, launched by CrowdSauce this week, caters for businesses looking to engage with loyal customers or website visitors. In the same way that businesses can add the Facebook ‘like’ or Twitter ‘share’ button to their page, CrowdSauce let’s the business add the ‘Reward Me’ button to their page. Customers selecting the button can then register with Facebook Connect and share their ‘Reward Me’ request on their Facebook wall. The process builds a database for the business of people pressing the ‘Reward Me’ button and provides options for businesses to promote deals to their customers via either daily deals or self-service membership packages.

According to CEO Slade Sherman, “Social Media buttons work really well for publishers but many businesses add buttons to their pages for little benefit. People either do not share business pages, or messages published on Facebook are not seen by the majority of fans. We have developed the ‘Reward Me’ button to give visitors to your site a reason to engage with you and to capitalize on web traffic by engaging with fans who visit your business website”.

Click here to read the entire article.

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